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Japan’s New Super Mario World Tour! 

Written By Vahan Rickards

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On March 21st 2021, something incredible and groundbreaking opened in Japan. Located in Osaka, Japan, the new Super Mario World opened, revealing incredible games, food and of course, specially inspired buildings within the grounds. 
Due to open in the summer of 2020, the long-awaited opening was sure worth the wait, as thousands of people entered into the world of Mario. Learn what’s in this incredible park, and how you can explore it, all in this blog.

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Entering the World of Super Mario - Power Up Bracelets

As you approach the theme park, you’ll enter through a tunnel and ticket booth, before finding yourself on a platform looking over at the whole virtual world in front of you.Here, you should see cute red stalls selling the ‘power up bracelets’. You don’t need one of these bracelets to enter the park, but they do let you access a lot more activities and games. The price is 3200 yen per bracelet, and you can pick your favourite character to wear! You can also use this bracelet if you come back again, or just keep it as a souvenir. You can also use the character you chose as an amiibo on a compatible Nintendo device.


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Activities Around The Park

There are interactive bracelet activities all around the park, so make sure you explore every bit. The main attraction is ‘Mario Kart: Koopa’s challenge’, which is a ride and virtual reality experience all in one. Once you’ve collected a Mario helmet, it’ll connect with a vr headset which later on in the course will allow you to interact with other races and try and win keys, all the while riding an actual ride! There are also many ‘?’ boxes around the park, so make sure you tap them to collect as many points as possible for your bracelet character’s team. If you get enough keys from challenges around the park, you get to face ‘Junior Bowser’ at the end, so try your best to get as many as you can. If you’re with your friends, some key challenges can be played with up to 4 players. Yoshi’s kingdom is a slow ride that takes you round the park to enjoy the views, while hunting treasure eggs along the way. 


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What Can I Eat?

After working away at the challenges and taking in the views, no doubt you’ll be hungry. Kinopio’s cafe is the main eating area inside the park, and signature dishes include Bowser steak, Yoshi carbonara and Princess Peach's cake. Other popular dishes are the high quality Mario bacon cheese burger, and the Mushroom dillo pizza bowl. For dessert options, try the Mystery Tiramisu with strawberry tart or enjoy a box of popcorn with a Mango Lassi from Yoshi’s snack bar. Surprisingly, the food throughout the theme park is delicious, especially compared to other theme parks, so pick a fun food and enjoy! 


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All Finished?

If you’d like some merch or gifts, make sure you go to one of two merch store locations in the park, or one of the few outside the grounds, still in Universal studios Japan. If you've finished checking out the park, then you could head to Mario cafe on Hollywood Boulevard, just a short walk from the theme park, the cafe is still inside the Universal studio grounds. The most popular snack here is the red ‘whose cap?’ Mario pancake.        

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