White Day | Japan’s Celebration Of Valentines

White Day Is A Type Of Valentines Day… 🇯🇵
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Valentine’s Day and White Day 

Valentines Day: February 14 | White Day:  March 14

We love Japan for all it’s little quirks and like all things Japanese, Valentine’s Day is also a cultural holiday they like to put their own little twist on. Traditionally, December 24this considered the most romantic day of the year and when all the gifts and cards and romantic gestures are shared. But Valentine’s Day is for chocolates, specifically. And that too, only from the girls to the boys. But what’s the fun in that, you say? Well, the boys have their chance to reciprocate a month later, on White Day.

This isn’t even the best part y’all. The most interesting thing about the chocolates shared are that they’re divided into different categories and each one signifies a different expression of love. The first one is the chocolate you give to your partner/spouse or as a declaration of your feelings to the person you love. So cute.

The second type of chocolate is reserved for colleagues or people you feel gratitude towards and want to say thank you to. Very sweet. The third and final category of chocolates is for friendship. Pretty self-explanatory but I like to believe that this also serves a dual purpose when you want to remind someone that they belong firmly in the friend zone and definitely not in the first category.

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Photo by our friend @azuma_nihongo on INSTAGRAM