Japan's FUTURISTIC Vending Machines [2021 Travel Tokyo]


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One thing Japan may be known for is its cherry blossoms. Another, its beauty. But what about its vending machines? Dive in and learn how Japan’s mechanical marvels have shaped the world today. From drinks to toys, to food to clothes, these vending machines have it all!

Learn how Japan’s earthquake-proof venders provide aid after a natural disaster, and how many toys are sold every year just from these machines. 


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How Many Are There?

With the highest vending machine density in the world, Japan has about 1 vending machine for every 30 people of its population of 127 million people. 

The possibilities of what could be placed in a vending machine are endless, and Japan has really taken this to the extreme, to selling things such as plants

Every year, millions of toys are sold in fun ‘twist’ vending machines, or ‘Gachapon’, and many more millions of drinks and quick snacks! Truly the peak of convenience, Japan has it all thought out. 


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 Variety of Vending Machines

Not only do Japan’s vending machines sell a lot, they also sell a lot of different things. Drinks, clothes, food, umbrellas, toys, and tickets are just a few of the items you can purchase. The possibilities are endless for what could be placed in the cold, cool, warm or hot interior of one of these machines. As mentioned, most of the products are useful, and seeing as you can find a vending machine on virtually any corner of a Japanese street, you can get almost anything you need for a relatively cheap price. An average drink is about 100 yen, which is probably far cheaper than a drink at your local store or supermarket.


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The Future Of Convenience? 

With the usage of vending machines worldwide becoming much more frequent, and the possibility of what can be stored growing, are these Japanese developed machines the future of convenience? One of the most purchased items are in fact canned coffee, cool or hot. Whether you’re thirsty, late for work, or hanging out with friends, being able to purchase any item you like just metres from where you’re standing is truly an appealing idea.

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Natural Disaster Relief 

These high-tech vending machines don’t just sell nice items. They also help care for people in a natural disaster. Unfortunately, Japan gets many earthquakes, so it was crucial to create a vending machine that would help people in such an incident. These advanced dispensers will give out free items, usually drinks, in the event of a natural disaster. This kind of thought-through technology is important in certain areas of the world. This shows just how far Japan has gone to care for their people, technology, and how innovative they really are.

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