Shuhokaku Kogetsu: The Ultimate View Of Fuji !


Yearning for a vacation ? Missing Japan too much ?

Check Out This Ryokan! The Most Amazing Views Of Mount Fuji In The World!

Just a ten minute drive from Lake Kawaguchi, sits a serine and tranquil place for the lovers of Japan. The most astounding features of this Ryokan is the pool view right next to Mount Fuji, which is shown here below. Mount Fuji has been the main attraction for Japan scenery for the longest time, though the Shuhokaku Kogestsu puts a new meaning to this beautiful mountain. With divine location and design around the entire property, and prices just perfect for you; the Shuhokaku Kogestsu Ryokan is the place to be for your peace and relaxation trips in Japan.

Not only is the view in Shuhokaku Kogestsu, one of the best in the world; the rooms also come in amazing style and form with western design and traditional Japanese design. Some rooms in the Shuhokaku Kogestu also have a great indoor onsen! If you didn’t know, Onsens are hot baths with naturally running spring waters to help heal the body and promote wellness. Enjoy the Onsen with a tea by the great views of Mount Fuji, along with the 2 restaurants on the location.

Worried about the corona virus effecting your stay here in Shuhokaku Kogetsu? Don’t worry at all about that! The staff and management have taken the upmost precaution when taking care of the facilities and maintenance - check out the videos and photos of Shuhokaku Kogetsu Ryokan!

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By Tankensuru Japan
  • Sagan Rios
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