Kinkaku Ji : The Golden Temple (Traveling In 2021)

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Today we will be showcasing the astonishing temple that many have seen in the pictures, and that is Kinkaku Ji Temple (The Golden Temple) 

Travel Restrictions: 

Many people are waiting for travel in Japan, though the border doesn't seem to be opening until at least August of 2021. The Japan olympics will be held, though the announcement has been made that there will be no audience. 

 History Of Kinkaku Ji: 

Formerly lived in by the Shogun Ashikaga (14th century), the Golden temple was built in the legendary Japanese land of Kyoto, and is covered with gorgeous yellow gold paint. The top two floors are layered completely with gold leaves, and has recently been restored (2020). 

The Kinkaku Ji temple was made to be a place of tranquility and peace for the warrior Shogun in his time. The entire design of Kinkaku Ji was made to reflect the power of the Shogun, like a king in his castle (kind of). Even with the amazing temple standing today; it holds a lot of war behind it. Multiple times during history the Kinkaku Ji temple has been tarnished or destroyed (partially) by war. In 1955 the temple was restored to the best condition possible, and named a UNESCO world heritage sight.

The Kinkaku Ji of present day, though holds the same awe-inspiring aesthetic, is purposed for another Japanese cultural function; which is Zen Buddhism. Those who live now inside the Kinkaku Ji temple, are expected to leave all destructive mind sets and pollution of the soul and body to pursue life in a truly "Zen" way. 

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