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Cup Noodles ?! Do you eat them ?! 
maybe not.. but here we are with the facts! 🇯🇵✨

The Invention of Cup 🍜 Noodles

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That’s right, folks. Today we’ll be discussing the history of the most popular junk food ever created. Nope, not Oreos. Or Pop-tarts, Cup noodles! The OG junk food we’re all obsessed with and consume regularly. It’s alright, there’s no shame in admitting it. This is a judgement free zone. We don’t discriminate based on how calorie-dense ornutrition-less it is.

Instant noodles were invented in Japan by one Momofuku Ando in 1958 in Ikeda, Osaka. This man would sleep four hours a night and it took him an entire year but he finally came up with the idea of dried noodles that could be consumed just by adding boiling water to it. Of course it was an instant success. When have we ever not liked being lazy and consuming foods with zero nutritional value just because it tastes good and requires no effort? Never. If that was your answer, you deserve a prize. Go have some cup noodles.

But that wasn’t enough for Me Momofuku. This man is a legend y’all. He realized that it was a whole chore for us, having to open the packet and pouring it into a pan of boiling water and transferring it into a bowl afterwards. I mean the steps involved, not to mention the dirty dishes. So in 1971, he came up with a way for us to eat the noodles directly from the packaged bowl. We salute your efforts, Sir.

Now, was this enough for Mr Momofuku? C’mon, we know this man is an overachiever. In 2005, he came up with a way for packaged cup noodles to be taken to space as a way for astronauts to consume foods. Talk about determination. He didn’t give up until his products were being consumed in SPACE! What have you all accomplished lately?

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