Lake Shikostu Ice Festival: Check It Out (2021)

An Attraction Made Of Ice !

Check Out The Chitose Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival !

Though there are many festivals and cool attractions around the prefectures of Japan, nothing seems to be quite as “cool” as the Lake Shiktosu Ice Festival. The annual festival is hosted in winter around the edges of Lake Shikotsu, and has many amazing ice sculpted rooms for you to tour through. Perfect for dates or just going out to check the scenery with a few friends! Whatever the occasion is, I know that you will never witness something as special as the Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival ! Even though Japan is still closed for tourists (2021) , you might still have a chance to come later this year! 


The festival has rooms and rooms of different height and design, and all of them are built with Ice. When coming to Japan during winter, you should definitely take the time to check it out. You can do a few other fun things at the festival, like horse back riding or indulging in the amazing food that is offered around the festival. The attraction lights up nicely at night with great ambiance and aesthetic but carries a powerful blue ice vibe during the day.

Check out the Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival and enjoy the hot Soba noodles and various other food and drink stands inside ! If you go there, make sure to take a photo and we will be glad to share it on our social media pages!



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- Tankensuru Japan


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