Micro Pig 🐷 Cafe In Japan ?! 🇯🇵

Would you go to a Cafe Full of Kawaii Pigs ?! 

Micro Pig Cafes

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Pigs and cafes aren’t usually terms that go together. So I can understand why you might be a little confused. Japan, being the incredible country it is, has actual, honest to God, baby pig café’s. Places with little baby pigs that you can go visit and pet to your heart’s content.

The Micro Pig Café in Harajuko, Tokyo opened up its doors and the public was absolutely delighted. It was such a hit that within months of opening up their first branch in Meguro, they started to work on a second location in Harajuko. Not only can you go there and play with the pigs but if you’re actually serious, they’ll let you buy a pig for permanent relocation.

The charge you 800 yen for the first 30 minutes and then 500 for every half hour you spend there. The adorable little piglets are clearly people and potty trained. They’ll walk right upto you and accept the snacks (that you have to purchase for them separately). They’re completely stink free and absolutely gorgeous, although expect a little forceful behavior in their eagerness to get to the food.

You need to make reservations before going in. The original Meguro location have no shifted their six month under piglets to the new Harajuku location, so there’s a variety of ages you can feast your eyes on, between the two café’s. Honestly, I’m just confused how this is not a thing everywhere. There should be a law regarding micro pig café’s and their necessity in every country.


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Instagram photo by @azuma_nihongo