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Hello and welcome everyone ! We are Tokyo Vending Machine!


This site and blog is created and powered by social media blog Tankensuru Japan on Instagram. Together with our partners and creation of a synergistic world of exchanges and services from the JDM (Japan Domestic Market), we celebrate and announce our online blog and service.

Here, you can find multitudes of information on Japan travel and media, and you can get connected with more influencers and like minded individuals around the world. We would like to cater to our customers and fans in the best way possible, so please do not hesitate to request or message us regarding any ideas you may have!

We offer creative, astounding and the largest range of innovative and creative Japan media - we also will be slowly accepting partners in business and in media development for our blog as we grow outside of the social media realm and onto our own platform.


Anything from direct customer service, to shipping a product you would like from Japan to your doorstep, we have it all! Though we are only starting out now, our mission is big. Our company and site would like to connect everyone from across the world, to the array of amazing services and products of Japan from anywhere you are; and we aim to stay reliable for years and years to come.

See Our Instagram to get daily photos and content of Japan and anime ! Also, work with us on building the community by sharing our photos and content to others; even sending them a link of a cool product or service that we can send you worldwide from Japan!

Thank you all for being here!

- Tankensuru Japan

(The Tokyo Vending Machine)



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