Did You Know THIS About Mount Fuji?! (Japan Travel 2022)

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Mount Fuji: 

Mount Fuji is possibly one of the most outstanding and famous landmarks in Japan that people from all around the world go to see and base their brands, shows and clothing after. 

Did you know that Mount Fuji is actually an active volcano? Meaning that it could literally erupt at any time! It's only located about 100Kilometers from Tokyo! 

Mount Fuji also has 5 amazing lakes surrounding. 2 are called Lake Kawaguchiko (Yamanashi Prefecture) and Lake Yamanaka! These are places that would be great for Instagram photos! 

Did you Know ?! (FUN FACTS) 

- Women were not permitted to climb Mount Fuji until 1868

- A monk was the first to climb it! 

- I knew a person once who told me that he did an illegal mountain hand glide off of Mount Fuji ! (WHILE ON MUSHROOMS) 

- It las erupted in 1707! 

Mount Fuji is also known as Fujisan to the Japanese population.


Traveling to Mount Fuji: 

Definitely go by train when you decide to go to Mount Fuji! Here are some instructions on how to make that happen! Also, if you are traveling to Japan make sure to contact us for any assistance or help! 

"The most popular way to climb Mount Fuji is to take a bus from Shinjuku to the Subaru Fifth Station and arrive in the early afternoon and then climb to one of the mountain huts on the route. You spend the night there and then wake very early before dawn to climb to the summit in time to see the sunrise." (Trulytokyo.com) 



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