Matsumoto Castle 2021 : The Classic And Amazing

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So everybody knows about Matsumoto castle, but not everyone knows the history and the culture behind it ! Though travel and restrictions do apply and Japan is not currently open for travel.. Here is the next level of info for all of you guys ready to catch a glimpse of a tour in Matsumoto Castle. 

The oldest castle tower in Japan has 5 tiers and 6 floors, and has been preserved in its current state for 400 years.

This black castle is one of the most popular in Japan along with Himeji Castle and Kumamoto Castle. In winter the contrast of the black castle with white snow is especially beautiful. 

History:  Matsumoto Castle (松本城 Matsumoto-jō) is Japan’s oldest castle. It also known as the “Crow Castle” (烏城 Karasu-jo) because of its black exterior. Matsumoto Castle is the oldest existing castle in Japan and one of Japan’s premier historic castles. 

Travel Info :

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Getting to the location can be hard at times, but if you are planning to go to Matsumoto castle, please follow the guide map and google maps link! 



Matsumoto Castle is located in the basin of flatlands 590 meters above sea level. It is a “flatland castle” built on flat ground. Gates and scaffolds were built on the triple moats, earthen berm, and stone walls that surrounded the castle. Samurai lived inside the triple moat, strengthening the defenses. 

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