TeamLab Borderless 2021 - The Best Attraction In Tokyo EVER!

Welcome To The Most Amazing Tokyo Attraction EVER! 

Have you guys heard about the world famous (social media famous) Teamlab Borderless?! Well check it out!

The Most Astounding Attraction In Tokyo - @tankensurutokyo on Instagram for More photos!

Many people from around the world see team labs on the screens since it's open in July 2018, but don’t get to know about what the attraction is truly about!  The arrangement of beauty and design, the stellar operation of digital art in its purest from yet!

First off, teamLabs is a community and organization for art that expands it’s reach, worldwide.  The art here, is located in Japan and each room is mapped and projected in museums all over the world. Each attraction and art room is changed to keep the vibe, new and spectacular. The art that you see in Tokyo teamLabs is able to interact with other digital projection mapped art works around the world. Though the Tokyo teamLabs in Odaiba is where the magic is truly shown!

The idea of teamLabs was to have a “borderless world” as the company states. The art and designs seem to fall from the sky and do amazing feats if you see them with your own eyes. Though the teamLabs attraction is taking a hit from tourists not being able to enter Japan, the locals of Tokyo and surrounding areas are still loving and posting glamorous photos of teamLabs.

The teamLabs artists and community has created spaces and 3D art complexes in which those who enter, can be a part of something special and grow as a team. Each room has a new spectacular piece that is better than the next, and each photo or video there will be stellar !

Check out these photos and the experiences people have had at TEAMLAB BORDERLESS - TOKYO 2021

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By Tankensuru Japan

Auth. Sagan Rios


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