Why YOU Should Visit Fukuoka Japan (When Japan Re Opens 2022)

Update: So there is a lot of waiting and anticipation for the day of Japan's reopening and I honestly cannot wait any longer! We are currently operating in multiple countries and traveling around waiting for our business permit to go through to enter Japan! 

Fukuoka Japan is one of the most cultural and beautiful places in Japan, though Japan has quite a few! 

What is Fukuoka known for ?!

Fukuoka is known for many things: 

1. FOOD 

2. Laid Back Energy/ Vibe 

3. Beautiful Landscapes 

4. Mild weather 

Fukuoka is known for it's all round great vibes and landscapes, and most of all is known for the amazing and tasty Tonkotsu Ramen! 


What is Tonkotsu Ramen?! 

Tonkotsu ramen originated in the Kyushu, Fukuoka region of Japan. The technique is to create a creamy looking and hearty broth consisting of boiled pork bone! Tonkotsu mean "Pork-bone based". The ramen is not only popular for it's region and well known name, but the flavors are exquisite ! You might mix the Tonkotsu Ramen with the Miso ramen because of the appearance, but just know that Tonkotsu ramen is an amazingly delicious flavor on it's own! The best place to get it is of course, in Fukuoka! 

So, what kind of landscapes are in Fukuoka?!



In the calm and quiet region of Fukuoka, with a nice ramen and a bike ride through the streets, you can find many seaside parks and beautiful landscapes! Here are a few places you should check out! 

1. Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

Dazaifu is an amazing Island on the island of Kyushu and is home to many zen rock gardens as well as many nice landscapes and absolutely stunning plum trees! 

2. Ohori Park

Ohori park is situated beautifully near a quaint and peaceful area with many buddhism sculptures located close to the Fukuoka art museum. It's an amazing walk through and a peaceful place to think or take a date! 

3. Nokonoshima Island Park

Apparently this beautiful and luscious is the place that held Kyushu's first marriage! Aside from this fun fact, the Nokonoshima Island park is one of the most amazing and flower garden rich parks! 


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