Коллекция: Gachapon - Vending Machine

Have you ever been to a Gachapon vending machine?

If youv'e been to Japan before and seen any of the vending machines inside of the stores and around the shop areas, you will know that the Gachapon vending machines are super cute and cool little vending machines that dispense cool toys and figures for a cheap cost in Japan/Tokyo! 


What we aim to do with the Gachapon is create a way for you guys to collect these toys without having to see Japan ! Choose a random toy, or a set of cool Gachapon gifts for friends or for yourself to collect! We are absolutely sure you will love this collection of goods we created and will bring you guys more and more as the months go by! 


If you wish to see more about the history of vending machines in Japan, please check out our blog ! 

If you wish to contact our support or request an Item, please email us at tankensurujapan@gmail.com


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